90 monk adventures by Eatmopie
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Beta is Beta, here is a short vid of some of my recent adventures on my
fresh 90 monk. I have done some duels,raided org,tanked a bunch of heroics
and really I'm looking for some ideas from you few awesome people that watch
my vids... TY btw...

I am patiently waiting for raid content and pet battles to be opened in the beta,
not only will that give me more ways to test my monk and pokemon skills, but it will give everyone
that is to busy not testing stuff by dueling on 85s in front of org and sw....
free lvl 90s, so then the people who are lvl'd will be able to do BGs again etc.

Anyway, in the meantime if there is anything in particular that any of you
want to see let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks again for watching!


and some random techno remixes that just happened to be playing while I fraps'd tag team back again check it direct it lets begin.. pretty sure I danced to the original in legit MC hammer pants in Jr. high...just sayin

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