monk dps rotation Windwalker Update by Eatmopie
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Windwalker dps guide UPDATE!!!
Bliz added some sweet buffs and made the rotation a bit more interesting
for the monk dps spec. Black out kick is now SooooooOOoo good! On top of
all the class change goodness some cool Gms spawned some Vendors with sweet
epic pvp gear way out in the middle of nowhere....Now I'm a firm believer in
pvp gear is for pvp, however when there is such a huge difference in Item
level between Blue heroic pve gear and s12 epic pvp gear that I can live with
pve-ing in pvp gear I may even tank in it mouahahaha well pieces of it ..

Anyway, Thanks for watching,liking,subbing!! Please leave a comment below
if you have any questions or if there is something in particular that you
want to see regarding Mists of Pandaria or Monks in general.
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