Misys of Pandaria - A State of Mop PVP Monk style by Eatmopie
Class: Monk | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kael'thas ( Rampage )
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Hey All Here is a new pvp vid, I want to throw this out there so you know
how I feel about it... Monks are NOT OP... it is just as easy to lose to
any class as it is to win, Monks do have a ton of utility and if you play
them a certain way...ie: spamming zen Sphere then your self healing is
extremely high, this will change Bliz has already said that it would soon´┐Ż

Anyway, burst is pretty crazy high right now which makes it feel very wrath of the lich
king like pvp wise. Arenas only work 1/10 que pops because everyone DC's on the
loading screen, 90 bg ques once in a while will pop but not often at all. And
there really isn't much world pvp a bit during the raid event last week but
that was more zerging laggers than pvp. I could gank lowbies but meh ...

That is about it... Beta is Beta, and bliz is improving things... and messing
some things up a bit to (monks didn't need a blanket 20% damage nerf). I am ready
for Mop to go live so I can get started on
my Monks, I think we are getting closer 5.0 on the ptr in the next two weeks???
I wouldn't be suprised.

Thanks for watching, Liking, Subbing!!!

Non Copy written Music provided by TGNTRACKS
check out his awesome page youtube.com/user/tgntracks
DJ Pygme - Jumper
Miqz - Stay With Me (Techno)
Blackmill - The drift
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