Selfhealing in MoP is TOTALLY BROKEN by Zumio
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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This video needed to be made. In it I show you just how broken hybrid self-healing is on the beta - with less than a month to go before MoP releases I'm incredibly worried about what the state of the game will be come the 25th of September. I break it down class by class and show you EXACTLY what it's like from a hunter perspective, using all my cooldowns (stampede and readiness included) to try and kill them, but it's literally impossible. Rets can spam instant heals for crazy amounts, shadow priests flash heal regularly hits for 70%hp+ and warriors are more or less immortal under 35% hp unless you have cooldowns. Please try to remain unbiased while watching this video and think of the game as a whole, rather than just the class you play. I just want it to be balanced.

I am well aware that I'll be hated on and flamed for making such a video (lots of angry hybrids) but if hunters were capable of such things I would be the first to point it out. It's a very frustrating issue that many rank 1 players agree with me on (I have had conversations with braindeadly who agrees hybrid healing needs to literally be cut by 50%) not to mention the countless people I've met on beta who find it laughable how broken it is (even people playing the actual classes). So if you want to hate, do so constructively and we can try to find some middle ground.

Shoutout to Kellani @ US-Emerald Dream for sharing my videos on the US forums, that helps get blizzards attention a lot as all the main devs don't go on the EU forums. - Come say hi!
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