Hunter vs Warrior Duels (MoP Ready) by Zumio
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Decided to get ahead of the curve as the fight versus warriors won't change a huge amount between now and MoP since heroic leap no longer breaks roots on the beta. Sure warriors will have avatar, but we will have more knockbacks plus a hell of a lot more damage from our 4-set bonus (3200 PvP Power when Rapid Fire is up). Not to mention I didn't use readiness in these duels which obviously would help a ton. It'll also probably be slightly easier in MoP as we will have disarm reduction, eating 10 second disarms is not much fun at the moment. I will release an updated version of this when MoP is released, but this is more or less how it is going to be :)

One thing I'll probably do in 5.0 is have a bird pet in my stables, and when he pops Avatar I'll deterrence, switch pets and disarm him (and then trap off it) to try and sit out the Avatar. Just a thought.

Grokkqt's armory (Multi-glad):


1) Feint - Sleepless (
2) Project 46 - Reasons (
3) Project 46 - Slide (

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