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So after a long time of hesitation I finally share my big secret with you. Alot of you might remember in the past when I said that there are serious reasons as to why I can't push any further in rating and why I can't use ALT/CTRL/SHIFT but I never said why. So here you go, mystery releaved!

I made this video not only to show to "normal" people that everything is possible but mostly to inspire people with "drawbacks", people like me, to keep on doing what they love and keep on pushing. At the end of the day, if you enjoy what you do you will get better and better at it.

I want to thank Braindeadly and Jimos who have been backing me up since the day I met them, my arena partners, Nopain, Hypnotizze, Rivso, Ewlol and Joe, my girlfriend for standing by me and supporting my dream of becomming a professional gamer and all my friends who in their own way have helped me get closer and closer to my goals. I also want to thank Athene for being such a huge inspiration to gamers and for supporting the community in every way possible.

I hope that this is not just another video that gets forgotten from one day to another but I hope it becomes the beginning of something bigger and stronger, a community of gamers that talk about others with respect and admiration, not hate and jealousy.


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