25 DKs vs Dragon Soul HEROIC - Part 1 by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Onyxia ( Raserei )
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Part 2 here:


Check out this raid from DPS Blood Point of View with Valacar!


This was Pretty much the most Epic DK event of Cataclysm or even of all time.
Im still suprised we could handle 8/8 HC.
Russians, Austrians, British (love zonestar ;D), Poland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, France and and and... pretty much any nationality was in this raid so leading this bunch of europeans was damn hard because i am as raidleader wasnt that good at english speaking myself. would love to give you some teamspeak footage but i fucked it up.
oh and @Valacar "assigen assigen assigen assigen ..." (insider)

Our Setup switched on any boss but the main setup was:
4 Tank Blood DKs
17 Dps Blood DKs
3 DC Heal Blood DKs (to assist tanks with Deathcoil Glyph)
1 DW Frost DK (for buff)

We also needed to get a druid and priest on Spine to beat the dispell mechanic of that boss (just alts of 2 DKs in the raid)


Standard Tactic of any Raid. Let some DKs Deathcoil tanks to assist them. Stay in black phase and use AMS to push Vengeance. ignore crystals since their dmg is low.

If green and red come together kill green. ignore any other comb and stay on boss even if he gets 4 bubbles then.

AMZ for any DPS Blood to decrease raiddmg and assist tanks. 4 DC healer Bloods to shield me since tankdmg was ridiculus high

Frost Phase: Stay there till Ice Pillars are dead. Use Cooldowns if Frost Spike pass (nice vengeance boost.
I died there because our frost DK got a Ice Tomb that came in LoS of me while i expected no Ice Tomb at all cause i thought he specced to Blood... shit happens, killed it anyway

25 Bloods cause lot of raid vengeance and Fading light on no one except the 2 tanks. We also got the achievment

Priority: Big Zones - Dragons - Meleeadds. Assigned 5 people to just run around eating small zones.
Phase 2: Everyone DC Gorliona till she comes down
All in all much easier than expected even though we had big problems with grapping the sapper ;D

Hardest boss of the whole Raid. 23 Bloods and 2 Dispellers.
Conversation Talent for any Dps Blood to get rid of the absorbdebuff.
MOST IMPORTANT: when big add reaches 9 stacks and explodes run INTO it and use AMS + IBF(glyphed) to get a 120k vengeanceboost. with help of that we were able to kill each plate in one phase.

wiped a few times there due to exhaustion of 7 hours raiding. Kill Try was last try. if we wouldnt have killed it there we would have stopped.
We had no idea why there wasnt a mutated corruption on third platform, didnt happen in all previous trys but it didnt help us in any way.
AoE was much bigger than expected and DnD Glyph + Disease slow Talent helped a lot on bloods in phase 2

we missed to invite a few people. im really sorry for that but at the start we had like 35 DKs and i thought i would be a bigger asshole if i invite them and then cant switch them in, sorry for that. just let me know you were one of these DKs in my next event

PS: if blizzard reads this everyone agreed that spine isnt balanced you should nerf the boss since 25 DKs cant handle him due to dispell. we found this pretty unfair since other classes can dispell on spine and DKs should be able to do that too so please delete dispell from other classes or give DKs a dispell since everything else would be unfair to the whole DK community. oh and give us a portal ability cause massport is gone

Envy - Heaven
Kid2Will - Fire Aura
Nemesis Theory - Trance Turnabout
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