Fire Within - Pureballin by Pureballin
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Hey guys, Fire Within is a Machinima style PvP video, it is purely for entertainment not a showcase of skill. Give me a Skillpoint and Favourite if you think I deserve it. And if you really want to help support me, Subscribe to my YouTube channel, it is free and it really does help (I have also started uploading daily gaming videos)

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Editing Time- 42 Hours, 27 Minutes
Render Tim - 2 Hours, 13 Minutes

I used Bloodbath, Bladestorm and Glyph of Enraged Speed, instead of Shockwave, Avatar and Gag Order for most of this video, just because I found it more fun to not global some-one in 2 seconds. (you may see Shockwave being used once or twice because it was needed)

I tried to push the boat out in terms of editing using new techniques that I have learned, also this is the first time I have used Colour Correction, so apologies if it is slightly off. Also my first time adding some Machinima into a WoW Video, maybe I will continue to make more videos like this, who knows. Again this is a Machinima Style PvP video not a showcase of skill (you will see some mistakes).

Thanks to Xuna and Drainbaws for their help in this video.

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Music Credits (in order of play)
Braiton - Drawn by Light -
Braiton - Voidal Games -
Alex Lamy - The Red Zone (Part 1) -
GoreBastard - Eternal Agony -
Rtnario - YuYu Metal -
Xenogenocide - World of FIre -

I hope you enjoyed this video, any feedback and criticism is appreciated, The best way to help support me is by Subscribing, you don't know how much it helps me and it is free!

Thanks, Peace!
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