80 DK solo with WOTLK only gear: Naxx 11/15 + 3 other wotlk bosses. Patch 4.3.4 by drelatius
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Silvermoon ( Cyclone )
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Cataclysm, patch 4.3.4; 80 lvl DK soloing Naxx 11/15, Archavon, Flame Leviathan and Sartharion +0 without using any cata gear ( means wotlk only). That was done before all OP dk changes like enormous str to parry conversion, uncapped vengeance, death siphon and other pandaria talents etc. I had very low ( almost default) mastery, no hit/exp cap, low crit.

Of course soloing naxx with cata gear was much easier but i wanted a challenge and that was fun. That was done on different servers ( incl Russian ones), thats why you will see some cyrilic boss names.

I did not edit it much, just added the boss titles and music that i listen. The interface may look bad, but it shows all the info about damage done, taken, healing etc.

I usually dont use diseases because its just a waste of runes when i need to save them for healing. Elixirs have a major role here- Prismatic, Speed, Mastery and Deep earth - i combine them depending on magic/melee damage on me or on berserk timer.

Sometimes it looks like im not losing HP at all- true, but its hard to find the gear balance between damage, healing and damage taken for every boss and keep the blood shield up - when its up and im not taking damage the bone shield also remains active, giving me 20% damage reduce and 2% bonus damage. You can clearly see it at Maexxna fight. Death strike heals for some amount of max HP (min 7%) and after some high damage taken it heals for 20% of the damage taken in last 5 seconds.
Haste is another key. It also affects rune regeneration speed, more haste- faster rune regen, more deathstrikes over time, more healing and absorb.
Stamina is the 3rd key. It gives hp, yes, but also it gives more healing amount for deathstrike and more HP - more vengeance - more damage.

Armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Dr�latius/advanced

Tracklist :
1) Goalien - Do It Now
2) Exodus - The musical box sequence
3) Zircon � Super Mario World Monstrous Turtles! OC ReMix
4) Daimon (Aka Antares) - Codex
5) Vedrim - No King Rules Forever
6) Fiteria - Rotate to vibrate
7) Filteria - Poem
8) Crop Circles � Lunar Civilization, filteria remix
9) Some unknown trance track that i found on soundcloud, will be nice if some 1 will recognise it
10) Goalien � Discarded Entity (Part II)
11) GoneX � Saraswati
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