Ultraxion solo - Alone in Dragon Soul 4/8 by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Mannoroth ( Blutdurst )
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clever use of stat values ;D
Theory Crafting sometimes is more important than playing skilled, this boss made me remember that.

most of you may know that i play as maintank in my guild and have pretty much tankgear only.
what i love about this boss is that he is one of those rare bosses were dps gear isnt a big advantage over tankgear, because in this specific fight haste is almost as useless as mastery (described below).

So here is what went through my mind after 3 wipes with my standard tankgear at 25-35%:

Because of the CD reduction of AMS i basically have unlimited runic power. Dungeon Journal says blablabla Ultraxion can not parry.

so we got a boss that cant parry and were we have (almost)unlimited runic power.
Because of that expertise cap isnt necessary and haste is kinda useless since my RC (100% rune reg after Rune Strike) is active 90% of time and i have more runes than i can use.

so all i needed to do is set new stat values and so i thought crit over all.
i reforged all avoidance/mastery/haste completly to crit and lowered my expertise by a lot. and after that combined with my EPIC "/cast Deathstrike /sit" macro it worked fine on first try! ....even with tankgear ;D

i could have tried it 50 times playing perfectly without reforging or reforged to haste and would have failed badly.

Thinking over Skill - for this boss

anyway another kill for my Alone in DS series YaY!

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