I WANT YOU!! ... In My Guild :D (Barthilas, Alliance) by SuperBradGames
Class: Hunter | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : US - Barthilas ( Bloodlust )
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Hey guys, thought i'd throw out the red carpet and see if you were interested in catching up with me in Wow and possibly taking part in my video's. I will be able to announce video opportunities via guild much faster than on Youtube, so If you are interested in playing with me on my server please don't hesitate to contact me (msg me on youtube for details)

Server Name = Barthilas

Character name (youtube won't let me type it) = superbr�d

Superbr (hold alt and type 133, this will give you an a with a symbol on it) then hit d (as it's the end of my name)

so it will look Superbrad (with a strange tone over the "a") msg me if you can't do it and give me your characters name or your real id/gamer tag and i'll just add you :)
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