1.000.000 DPS - Shannox Heroic solo - The Power of Vengeance by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Mannoroth ( Blutdurst )
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Shannox Heroic solo on a kinda special way^^
DPS Mathematic for freaks below.
I could have probably soloed him the "standard" way too, but this way just was way more fun! and a challenge on its own way.

Since my Dps gear is way to bad to go further in DS atm i was thinking about making my own challenge till i finally get that stupid sha of fear hc weapon so here is what you get.

It took me around 5 hours to pull this off because of many reasons:
Alysrazor random despawn, Shannox not near alysrazor when he has to be (most annoying one), random deaths because of using GCDs for other things than Deathstrike and Runestrike mid fight.

hardest part was to figure out when to pull alysrazor, when to pull shannox and how many alysrazor phases to use before pulling shannox (on one try i even let aly enrage before pulling shannox and got 750k vengeance before dying because 18 enraged firebirds + aly hitting me lol).
Im still shocked it really worked the way i planned it LoL

i btw also tried to solo both bosses at the same time on normalmode but failed while aly had 17% and shannox 25% because on normalmode the firebirds just dont give enough vengeance to kill shannox fast enough and even if they would when the hastebuff is gone i would die instantly

Math Part for the Numberfreaks:

i reach my Dps peak of around 1,3 million DPS at around 50% of shannox hp shortly before my diseases run out. i cant think about any other encounter were my DPS went that high except Windlord HC in heart of fear before 5.1 proccnerf when i did 850k Dps as DW Blood with souldrinker.

(Shannox died 73 seconds after pull but first 11 seconds i just kited him in position without dealing dmg so all calculations start with the first Hit i gave shannox at 00:49)

From the second i meleehit shannox the fight took exactly 62 seconds
what means i did 461.000 single Dps on shannox alone based on his HP Pool.
My Dmg meter shows 12,04m at that time (from alysrazor earlier). in the second i kill him it shows 62,63m what means i did 50,59 million dmg in the 62 seconds of the fight this equals 815.900 dps over the whole fight.

on start and near the end i deal much lower dps since first my vengeance needed to build up and at the end my diseases ran out and i couldnt refresh them cause that GCD would have killed me.

Hope you enjoy it more stuff soon! (when my DPS gear finally improves...)

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