3 DKs vs Stone Guard 10 man by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Mannoroth ( Blutdurst )
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This Video has a nice little story behind it that you can read below.

So one day i was going to equip my healmonk alt and we went MSG. everyone was nice, and all were expecting to have lots of fun. although we had pretty much no epics at all we were mostly alts of good guilds who cleared it and good players.
So we wiped on Stone Guards 10 normalmode over 25 times in a row and pretty much anyone started to flame anyone else while also finding it funny that we all were to bad to beat this boss.
Someone started to link the song in this video, everyone listened it and started laughting ~10 minutes straight. since it totally described our situation.
we killed it on next try.
So please link this video anytime you get a raid with your alt that wipes on this boss. its damn funny^^

Included DKs: Raegwynsolo, Omlak, Deatmaster
We tried a few different tactics.
1. I solotanked all 3 bosses while other DKs Deathcoiled me - enrage at 11%
2. everyone took one 1 boss - 2 DKs dead before 80%
and the final tactic that worked i took all 3 bosses after CDs ran out next one after his CDs ran out next one and so on.
why you can handle tanking all 3 and dying if you tank one without CDs is pretty simple.
70% of the dmg in this fight comes from the DoT they give the tank. if you tank 1 you get 1 DoT, if you tank 3 you get 1 DoT. their meleeattacks are so weak you dont even recognize them. so if everyone tanks 1 everyone has the dot what means the boss does like 3 times more damage.

This boss has a 8 minute enrage timer not 7 minutes or none as most people think. we killed it 13 secs before

Song: Blame it on the Tanks - SilverLetomi
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