[Patch 5.1] Alysrazor 25man Normal solo (Level 90 Mage) by Araitik
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Les Clairvoyants ( Représailles )
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Hello guys :)

I haven't found anything on Alysrazor 25man solo (the closest one was a 2man in 25HM) so I decided to give it a try on my mage.
After around 30 pulls and many talent / glyphs switches I finally killed her.

Fire spec of course :)

Talents :

- Presence of Mind : yes, scorch is useless here since MoP. Ignite got reworked, no longer possible to stack it like crazy. Move on.
- Ice Barrier : Shield is good.
- Cold Snap : We need 2 Iceblock, 4 minutes apart. Iceblock CD is 5 minutes. Do the maths.
- Nether tempest : scales better with haste than Living Bomb. Also Combustion got nerfed to only account Ignite, so much better choice herE.
- Invocation : More Evocations = more heal

Glyphs :

- Evocation : heal is good etc
- Combustion : I put this on early, don't know if it's required but it worked with it.
- Iceblock : not required in my down but if you lack some dps it can save you at the end, as you'll get a 3 seconds invincibility from Alysrazor's cleaves.

Gear & Buffs :

I started with Haste build and Mage armor but it wasn't working. Tried full mastery build and Mage armor to boost ignite but I lost DPS. The solution is to pick a Haste build (my usual Frost build was perfect) and use Frost armor. More haste = more happiness.
Used +300 int food, +1000 int flask and Drums of Forgotten Kings. No "not self" buff required.

Encounter :

Good old Alysrazor, plus a few tricks. Start with a normal Fire rotation, don't forget to refresh Evocation when needed. Spam Pyroblast around 20 stacks of Blazing Power, or when its cast time becomes close to 1 second, it depends on your gear. Considering that you cannot dps her during ground phases you'll have around 12 minutes to kill her. I did 177k dps, so this is close to the minimum requirement.
But this wouldn't still be enough without a little trick : how to avoid losing Wings of Flame. Easy peasy. When P2 starts you'll get a warning message saying the wings are going to wear off. 3 seconds after that, cast Alter time and don't do anything. As soon as you start falling, cast AT again. Win :) Continue to spam pyros, don't leave the arena (No Harsh Winds lolol) and leave just before Wings of Flame end.
Then wait in the middle of Rhyo's hill (don't go too far or you won't be able to reach the feathers). When alysrazor gets close to you Iceblock and wait till she is at 100 molten power.
Do this 3 times and win :)

How about HM ?

Well the DPS requirement will be even more insane (220k dps based on the 2-man post). I can certainly not pull this off with my gear (484 atm) but a well geared mage could certainly. Try and see by yourself :)

Armory link : [URL="http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/les-clairvoyants/Araitik/advanced"]Araitik (EU-Les Clairvoyants[/URL]
Video link : [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRME-J6CdYU"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRME-J6CdYU[/URL]

Hope you enjoyed it :)
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