Quest Busters - Episode 2 by AFK PL@YERS
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Taiwanese machinima group AFK PL@YERS presents

Quest Busters Episode 2: Those Bears Up There
(with English subtitles)


The fire on Mount Hyjal has been put out
And the threat from the Firelord is no longer
But unknown evil still lurks in the woods
Waiting to catch the adventurers unwares

Is all hope lost? Not quite.
Mylune the forest nymph, as guardian of woodland creatures
Seeks help from the legendary duo, and...
Quest Busters strike again!

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A note from translator Jo Yen:

A huge AFK Pl@yers fan myself, I first started working with them in Quest Busters 1 (and went on to do the Anton Pourquoi series, which was super fun).

In a way, the long-awaited QB2 is easier to translate than QB1 because the conversation in QB1 was very fast-paced, and I had to keep the sentences as short as possible so that the viewer would have time to read the subtitles. As a result, nuances in meaning and tone were inevitably lost. With QB2, I'm on a longer leash, so to speak, and I've especially had a great time rendering in English the lyrics of... oh I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched the video. Suffice to say the song is again by Beefbowl E@aters, the wonderful duet that brought us "Tea Restaurant," the hilarious song at the end of Anton Pourquoi Ep. 3.

Enjoy (as I'm sure you will)!
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