DK solo: Sha of Berserk (Fear) by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Mannoroth ( Blutdurst )
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Why only upload kills when bringing it to enrage months before makes more fun ;D (15 fucking minutes!!!)
This video was made to answer a question i get all the time. read below

I get asked so many times why i havent done videos of this boss or that boss or that other boss on hardmode or that specific boss on 25 mode or whatever (Some Examples: LK 25HC, Alakir, Ulduar, Sindragosa, ... )

Sha of Fear is another good example for one of those bosses . i can already survive him for whole 15 minutes (not to say that would be easy lol), but at the time i can beat his enragetimer there wont be any other challenge than spamming a max DPS rotation while maybe stacking some vengeance.

When i finally have the necessary gear to beat the enrage in 5.3 or 5.4, killing him will be easier than what you just saw, what makes him not interesting for me. So would a Kill be worth a Video? In my opinion not really.

many people who arent doing soloing business themselves just dont know that about 80% of all bosses that got soloed since cata, were healable till enrage months or even years before they actually got killed. At the time you finally did enough DPS to beat their enrage, outhealing them was a joke. LK 25HC, Marrowgar, Atramedes and Alakir are the best examples in my opinion and Sha of Fear is just another one, but there are way more.
I can guarantee you that i can already survive any boss till enrage that will get soloed in the next 8 months (if he doesnt have another Dps check mechanic ofc)

After explaining all of this i hope people finally understand that i dont make videos for any solokill i do and stop asking me about that.

Bosses like Ragnaros Heroic who have interesting mechanics to handle or bosses were staying alive while doing max dps still is a challenge are worth it. But some Bosses are just weak hitting Training Dummys that require a specific amount of dps and not worth a video.

If you like Videos like this i can solo more lvl 90 raid bosses till enrage or just keep doing the "interesting" solokills as before.


Anyway back to this Boss:

I used full tanking gear with mastery trinkets and had to time some deathstrikes instead of spamming all the time to get optimal bloodshields. (like eat a 3x strike without a bloodshield and use DS right after to get a bigger one)

The difficulty about this fight was (especially near the end) to run perfect and big circles around the boss and to constantly keep running. If you run too short curves or stop running for half a second you get oneshotted by the adds instantly.
Another Challenge was the Breath of Fear since i couldnt move into the light and wait for it.
I used a CD rotation to prevent getting feared (AMS-Desecreated Ground-AMS-Lichborne-AMS-Descreated Ground...)
the problem with this CD rotation is that with Lichborne or Desecreated Ground you still get the dmg of it, what is pretty high. And another problem was that desecreated Ground needed to be timed perfectly since i had to keep running while placing it what means 0,5 sec after placing i already ran out of it.

PS: This Boss is a very good survival test for Raid-Tank DKs and helps to understand how to time Deathstrike while also teaching multitasking. So if you are a Raidtank you may wanna test yourself on this Boss and try to improve.


EnV - Valiant
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