A Hero Shall Rise-Never Forget by Aramorn
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I do not own the music used in my video.
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Music used:Future World Music-A Hero Will Rise

First of all, I have quitted WoW a while ago, however yesterday I was browsing my old videos and then a great idea came: to make a final movie.
Secondly, in this movie I have never intended to show skills, or any cool scenes (actually I have missed the best parts), BUT "A Hero Shall Rise-Never Forget" represents all the effort I have put in playing this game as well as the fun I had with my characters, guild, friends. This, amongst all my other movies is a tribute to Aramorn and Arela (too bad I couldn't put Ayelin in, their child ).
So there you have it. All I want from the viewers is to tell me their opinions and if they managed to understand the emotions I have tried to convey.
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