Bajheera - 5.3 Warrior Gems, Talents, Glyphs - Warrior PvP Guide (Part 1) by Bajheera
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Hey guys, happy patch 5.3! :D I've already received lots of questions about how I plan to se up my Warrior for PvP in Patch 5.3, so I wanted to make a quick video to let you guys know what I'm thinking for the moment in terms of my Gems, Talents, and Glyphs :)

The basic idea behind what I'm doing now is a Strength optimization build since Resilience and PvP Power Scaling has been nerfed considerably.

Here's the basics:
Red - 320 Strength or 160 Strength
Yellow - 80 Strength + 160 Crit
Blue - 80 Strength + 80 PvP Power
Prismatic - 160 Strength

If you're curious, I'm also planning on making videos in the future going over my reforging, enchants, rotation, and general tips for Warrior PvP, so stay tuned for that! :D
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