WoW Machinima Tutorial - Intermediate by Nixxiom
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WoW Machinima Tutorial - Intermediate. How to give your video that 'real' look!

Check out my machinima here:

WoW has been in decline for a long while now and I think that actually has to do with the fact there's not so much 'fun' occurring outside of WoW, of WoW, if that makes sense. What I mean is that every time you see a machinima video these days they are making fun of players, making fun of Blizzard and their decisions, and just being over all 'dickish,' if you ask me. What ever happened to watching machinima movies all about adventure? What ever happened to comedy movies like Illegal Danish that still brings back huge amounts of nostalgia for lots of players?

I'd like to revive the machinima community if I'm able. Starting now. With this tutorial I will be showing you a more intermediate look into After Effects and how veteran machinimators make their shots look very realistic and well done. This isn't to say I'm the best machinimator out there, but I call everyone from X-cross to Redeyelobine my friend. I've been around the corner and I'd like to show you guys what I've learned through a series of tutorial videos.

I will be making more, if requested to do so. I hope you enjoy and be sure to link me any videos you make so that I can check them out and maybe even promote them on my channel!



The song you hear in the video is called "ZERO-G" by, BustrexxMusic.

Check out their channel for more musical content! All ownership of the music goes to them. Keep up the good work guys!
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