5 WoW Machinima Videos You MUST Watch - 1 by Nixxiom
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5 WoW Machinima Videos You Have Not Seen But you SHOULD Check Out!

It's difficult to get your name out there on Youtube doing WoW videos. I know. I remember when I was first starting with Mozq and things were so difficult even if we were being featured on Wegame at the time. That's why I decided to make this series to help you guys out, my fellow machinimators.

This first episode is just a pilot episode in a sense because these videos were not recommended to me. Instead I chose a few that I felt were good enough that you should check them out as well if you haven't seen them. If you want to get your own videos promoted on my channel or maybe a video you just think I should watch, send them to me in a message over Youtube. I will watch them. Promise!

Together to the Top!


5. Crossing Over by, Lagspike Films

4. Rogues Take Zero Skill by, Dusten Harward

3. Illidan vs Arthas by, LupinCG

2. Wardens of Azeroth by, Erunno
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWSPK08lGn4
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUJZqUFIEAI

1. At Home With the Hellscreams by, Leo Tierney


Music Used:

1. Bustre - Don't Be Negative

2. Bustre - Where Have You Been?

3. Bustre - Face of a Rebellion

BustrexxMusic features some AMAZING pieces of music that I highly recommend you check out. All rights to the songs go to him as well as any of those who work with him over at his channel. Keep up the great work!



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