Brutal Fury 2:Arms vs Fury - 3.9kdmg Heroic Strike!- by Graagh
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Daggerspine ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Hello everyone!

If in my first movie i wanted to show how to play a fury warrior with dual weild, NOW, i want to show you the difference between Arms & Fury specs with a strong 2hander (SULFURAS) and pushing them to the limit of his power, using berserkering and when possible other buffs. It's just to see them at maxpower. (Big old PAT style yeah!)

No Recklessness.
No healers for almost all the movie.

Graagh Orc Warrior,
1002 Attack power unbuffed (no battleshout)
25.9% crit in berserker
5000 hitpoints

It's nice to see the difference between the two specs, both interesting with a nice attack power and some burst like earthstrike and orc racial, getting around 1800 attack power self buffed (and maybe more with crusader etc..).

If you are really interested on that, after looking my movie can be nice read that scheme i found on the net:
click here.

Noticing also if we talk about of dmg to dont forget the big deathwish/flurry burst vs sweeping strikes, improved 2h and mace stun, and the different rage generation.

I know, lots of people will enjoy that comparison between those two specs, cause it's also a HOT TOPIC on all warrior's officials forums.

The two specs are 31/20 (Arms, Mace spec) and 17/34 (Fury, Imp berz rage, Imp cleave, 1 intercept).

Another nice aspect of my movie, by my opinion are the BIG CRITS... get ready to see big and HUGE CRITS (3,9k dmg HEROIC STRIKE duelling with a friend when we was 9 vs 1 in WSG :P, lots of 2k+ White crits...). Don't get too scared... and i hope blizzard wont nerf me! :P
All BIG Yellow Crits are Mortal Strikes and Whirwind in Part 1, and Heroic Strikes, Bloodthirsts and Whirlwind in part 2... if you dont belive look better at my actionbar! ^__^

Differently than my first movie there wont be Outdoor PvP... why?
The reply is quite simple... i dont like to kill people that doesnt expect to be attacked... c'mon actually there is more challenge on battlegrounds! Also there is more chance to meet very good opponents and not gank lvl 54 green equipped people like the 90% of world pvp movies...we talk about a lot of world pvp, but what's world pvp? gank noobs or people who kills monsters? Not the point of this movie... let's wait 1.12 (if you want to see some ironforge action i suggest you the first Brutal Fury!)
There are lots of epics fights vs imba opponents so i think you will enjoy this!

Then... is time to watch it!
Thank you for Watching!

Here my profile
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I reccomend the vision of the Downloadable High Quality Version!

MAGE ONESHOT Uncut version
click here..
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