The Black Rose - Chapter 5 - Echoes of Sin by Return
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Emerald Dream ( Shadowburn )
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((Continuation of an RP story arc on Emerald Dream/US - an RP-PVP server. I RP as a Bounty Hunter known as "The Black Rose", and the story basically revolves around an alcoholic, obsessive bounty hunter who I would usually make videos of fulfilling contracts for hits.

When I went horde, I wrote an extension of the story where he drags an orc corpse into a transporter to turn himself into one, and inadvertently inherits the dead orc's bloodlust for two guilds that caused his death, an all dwarf guild named Clan Battlehammer and a all worgen guild named The Pack. This video, and the following short RP story, is about him hunting their entire guilds, basically trying to be the one-man genocide for them both.

Hope you enjoy!))

A lone orc, covered in blood, vomit, and skins, can be seen stumbling through the drag of Orgrimmar. He ducks into a hut, and staggers into a table, groping for a leaf of parchment and a quill. Blood drips from his hand onto the parchment in equal quantities as ink. The scrawled note is so violently penned at some points it penetrates the paper.


I’m losing it. I can feel it’HAR…more every day. It festers in my brain like rot taking an egg, l...LAK’TUK…leaving me with less of my sanity each day. I can’t control it anymore. It makes me kill…no longer discerning anymore. No longer those who d..d…DAE’MON…deserve it.

That draenei today..k…KILLITDROWNITINBLOOD…Kitty. Kitty something, it kept saying. I looked at it…saw it clumsily handling the rRAGEWILLNOTSTOP…rifle. No thought of fleeing. Saw an enemy – a mmMAK’GORA…a monster, and tried to kill it to protect her people. Hero. That is what they used to call me. Dropped to my knees at that spot …had to get out, get away from it, used to be like her, used to be a h...herHERHARMHERKILLHERRPPHERAPARTUNTILSHEBEGSFORDEATH. Flew a few hundred yards away…vomited something black and stinking I don’t remember eating. Nothing left inside me but the dark rot of gutsGAR’MAK.

It was seeing herHONORCLANHASNOHONOR…that is letting me write this now – giving me the ability to muster enough sanity to put a pen to paper and gGOL’KOSH…get these thoughts out. Remembering they used to call me a hero…remembering there was a purpose to this, once. Now every second, I feel the pressure building up in my MURDERTHEDOGS…mind…thirsting for another kill with a ringing that gets louder and louder until it CORPSESINTHEFORGE…completely takes over and I kill again. The Elf is the only one who can stop the blood l...LEGSRIPOFFTHEIRLEGS …lust, and even she starts to fear for me now.

It is only now that I realize there was no contract this time. No black c..cLAWSOFTHEWOLVESKILLALLWOLVES…crow. No parchment with the emblem of the Kingship. It was all an illusion this thing in my mmmMODANBURNTHEMOUNTAINMURDERDWARVES …mind made me believe. And I can’t stop it. No one can. This orc…this thing my head…was killed by the ClanASHES – by the PackBLOOD. It doesn’t want revenge. It wants ggGENOCIDEWIPETHEMALLOUtASHESANDBLOOD.

I’m losingLOSINGHEADTAKETHEIRHEADS myself to it, not much tiMETODIEBURNANDDIE. It…I…will not stop until you are all deadDEADANDBURNEDSLAUGHTERED. You will know me… I am covered with the peltsPELTTHEMWITHARROWS...the skinsSKINTHEMALIVE… of your kinsman.


If you read this…if you see me…


The orc lurches towards a cage where a black crow is kept, and shoves the parchment in a small cylinder on its leg before throwing it violently towards the door, where it takes flight, and makes for mountains in the distance.
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