The Black Rose - Chapter 5 - Echoes of Sin by Return
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Emerald Dream ( Shadowburn )
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((Continuation of an RP story arc on Emerald Dream/US - an RP-PVP server. I RP as a Bounty Hunter known as "The Black Rose", and the story basically revolves around an alcoholic, obsessive bounty hunter who I would usually make videos of fulfilling contracts for hits.

When I went horde, I wrote an extension of the story where he drags an orc corpse into a transporter to turn himself into one, and inadvertently inherits the dead orc's bloodlust for two guilds that caused his death, an all dwarf guild named Clan Battlehammer and a all worgen guild named The Pack. This video, and the following short RP story, is about him hunting their entire guilds, basically trying to be the one-man genocide for them both.

Hope you enjoy!))

A lone orc, covered in blood, vomit, and skins, can be seen stumbling through the drag of Orgrimmar. He ducks into a hut, and staggers into a table, groping for a leaf of parchment and a quill. Blood drips from his hand onto the parchment in equal quantities as ink. The scrawled note is so violently penned at some points it penetrates the paper.


I�m losing it. I can feel it�HAR�more every day. It festers in my brain like rot taking an egg, l...LAK�TUK�leaving me with less of my sanity each day. I can�t control it anymore. It makes me kill�no longer discerning anymore. No longer those who d..d�DAE�MON�deserve it.

That draenei today..k�KILLITDROWNITINBLOOD�Kitty. Kitty something, it kept saying. I looked at it�saw it clumsily handling the rRAGEWILLNOTSTOP�rifle. No thought of fleeing. Saw an enemy � a mmMAK�GORA�a monster, and tried to kill it to protect her people. Hero. That is what they used to call me. Dropped to my knees at that spot �had to get out, get away from it, used to be like her, used to be a h...herHERHARMHERKILLHERRPPHERAPARTUNTILSHEBEGSFORDEATH. Flew a few hundred yards away�vomited something black and stinking I don�t remember eating. Nothing left inside me but the dark rot of gutsGAR�MAK.

It was seeing herHONORCLANHASNOHONOR�that is letting me write this now � giving me the ability to muster enough sanity to put a pen to paper and gGOL�KOSH�get these thoughts out. Remembering they used to call me a hero�remembering there was a purpose to this, once. Now every second, I feel the pressure building up in my MURDERTHEDOGS�mind�thirsting for another kill with a ringing that gets louder and louder until it CORPSESINTHEFORGE�completely takes over and I kill again. The Elf is the only one who can stop the blood l...LEGSRIPOFFTHEIRLEGS �lust, and even she starts to fear for me now.

It is only now that I realize there was no contract this time. No black c..cLAWSOFTHEWOLVESKILLALLWOLVES�crow. No parchment with the emblem of the Kingship. It was all an illusion this thing in my mmmMODANBURNTHEMOUNTAINMURDERDWARVES �mind made me believe. And I can�t stop it. No one can. This orc�this thing my head�was killed by the ClanASHES � by the PackBLOOD. It doesn�t want revenge. It wants ggGENOCIDEWIPETHEMALLOUtASHESANDBLOOD.

I�m losingLOSINGHEADTAKETHEIRHEADS myself to it, not much tiMETODIEBURNANDDIE. It�I�will not stop until you are all deadDEADANDBURNEDSLAUGHTERED. You will know me� I am covered with the peltsPELTTHEMWITHARROWS...the skinsSKINTHEMALIVE� of your kinsman.


If you read this�if you see me�


The orc lurches towards a cage where a black crow is kept, and shoves the parchment in a small cylinder on its leg before throwing it violently towards the door, where it takes flight, and makes for mountains in the distance.
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