Lamien (Sci-fi Machinima) by Hybrim Entertainment
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From the creators of stuff you probably don't know about, Hybrim Entertainment presents a Machinima parody of classic science fiction films...

Plot: Some time in the future with spaceships and shit, a crew of truckers in space land on an alien planet to do sci-fi stuff when everything goes wrong.

Writer, Animator and Director: Hybrim.
Genre: WoW Machinima | Comedy/Parody | Science Fiction.

voiced by Joe Gaudet -

"Dr. Alan" and "Sam 9000"
voiced by Piotr Michael -

"The Lamien"
voiced by Matthew Mask

"Sarah", "Vincent", and "The Announcer"
voiced by Vincent Marcus -

Brad Fiedel's Terminator theme covered by Morten Malvik:

By the way, Wable episode 5 is coming very soon...
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