The Druid by Nixxiom
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The Druid started as a script that sat in the back of my Writing folder for months. I never touched it, never looked in its direction, and even forgot I had written it. One day however, I delved into my old writings and found this script where Ashevn, the druid, shares a story with a priestess of Elune. This was a script I felt was very strong and so I really wanted to adapt it into an actual machinima flick to introduce the druid, Ashevn.

Originally this video was to be called "The Dog and the Bear" but I changed the title to "The Druid." This is not Part 2 of "The Demon Hunter" (as I said Part 2 would be called the Druid) but rather it is an introduction video to the character Ashevn, whom is seen at the end of the Demon Hunter. Sorry for any confusion given!

Check out Ashevn's profile here on Argent Archives:


I have lots of people to thank for this piece, I admit.

First of all I'd like to thank the wonderful people over at Forest Elves who gave me commercial and full permissions to use their music. Those guys and gals are awesome and if you want to see where I got the music for this video from, you MUST go check them out!

I also have to thank Heidi Tabing (AderuMoro) for her portrayal of the priestess. You have a truly magical sounding voice and it was a lot of fun to work with you. For those who are curious, here is a link to her Youtube page:

Of course I must also give props to:
-Kreshai from Argent Dawn EU.

-Michelle and her beautiful singing voice.

-And Kiz who originally was meant to play the role of the priestess. She is an up and coming voice actress so watch out world! Her voice didn't fit this particular role the way I wanted but I'll be working a lot with her in the future. I'm looking forward to it!

-Selendis, the Demon Huntress, who inspires me from afar and made the drawing of Ashevn at the end for the credits. Check out more of her here:

-And of course the love of my life, Tanja, and her warm and cozy blue hat. Nothing is more inspiring to me then her smile, her laugh, and the image of our futures together. Despite a divorce going on behind me, deaths in the family, and the stress of school, she was the one who kept me inspired to finish this video and keep working hard for you all, my subscribers and viewers.


"The Druid" - Made by, Nixxiom

Check us out over at Machinima Zone to see what me, Mooclucking, and Mozq are up to:
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