Nerf Druids 3 by Azgaz
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Finally finished filming my 3rd film.Took me a while to gather the gear I wanted but it was worth it.

About my spec :

I'm still 1/29/21, what I call a hybrid spec and I've built my gear around that belief as well. Feral forms aren't my only source of damage, I like to utilize all aspects of a druid's offensive arsenal. This means that my gear doesn't focus on just +ap and +crit, but also +healing and +spell damage. You'll see I use a lot of dots, the reason for this is that they are a lot sneakier than direct damage. People don't realize but dots really drain your HP fast and I've even worked out a combo of dots that seriously kills people's health pools. Of course, I can still put out very nice direct damage which you'll also see, mostly in feral forms. Basically with this spec you have high survivability and imo, very nice damage capabilities.

A few notes about the movie :

The movie is split in two parts, the first half is filmed in 1.10 and is what I call "simulated" world pvp. Basically, join AV and get as far away from the zerg as possible past the alliance lines. It is the best place to get good solo pvp versus one or more people. The other half is 1.11 real world pvp and you'll notice that the resolution changes a bit cause I got a widescreen monitor and filmed at a different aspect ratio.

Also, all footage from 1.11 unfortunately includes all the wonderful druid bugs that went live with the patch which include Furor not giving you the proper rage and my personal favorite, HotW which essentially gives you the ability to lose 10% of your HP every time you go bear so some of the fights are a bit more "dramatic" than they should be.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the film and the music selection, all critisism welcome:D

List of gear and spec : , PvP profile.
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