The Golden Cup by Nixxiom
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Once again the druid Ashevn returns to share one of his stories with you all. You've heard the Dog and the Bear, but you've only heard one of many. This story, the Golden Cup, he has been known to share with those troubled by burden, stress, or heart-ache. Can you guess why? What is the meaning of the Druid's song and what is his purpose when he shares the story of the dragon Kellum? That is for you to decide.


Made by, Nixxiom
Featuring the voice of Nixxiom as Ashevn, the Druid.
Featuring the artwork of my girlfriend, Amoniel. Much love! :)

The music in this piece is used with full permissions given by the artist, Antti Martikainen. They are as followed:

Pagan folk music - Creation of the World

Dark fantasy music - Ominous Revelations

Go check out Antti's profile for more music! This guy is talented and deserves all the positive comments and feedback you all can give him. Give him a sub and keep him motivated in his art!

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