A Tribute to WoW Memorials - Part III by Avendesora
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This is the third part in my in-game memorials series, covering three more of Blizzard's in-game tributes to real-life individuals who have passed away.

Thanks to the friends and guildies for visiting the sites with me (and for being so patient with all my "just one more take" requests). It was very special to me to have you all involved. :)

Thank you also to Nymera, Duress, and Seventizz, friends and guildmates of Booms, for providing memories and information about him. I really appreciated getting to chat with Nymera and Duress - it was great to learn more about Booms as a person from those who had known him and played alongside him.

Music: excerpts from Five Variants of 'Dives & Lazarus' by Ralph Vaughan Williams, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra with Bryden Thomson, conductor


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