WoW Roleplayers in a Nutshell by Nixxiom
Class: Death Knight | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Argent Dawn ( Ruin )
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Roleplayers... Those things on those RP servers that few meddle with. What are they like? What do they do? How do they smell? These are the questions that thousands of years of religious philosophy and scientific analysis have sought the answers to. We may never know, unfortunately.

I know it's been awhile since I've uploaded anything guys, but I can say that a wave of content is coming, starting with the Warlock - Episode 1. Stay tuned! If you enjoyed the video please click subscribe and check out my other videos as well.


Be sure to check out Moocluck's channel here to enjoy his sexy voice acting:


The music at the end is by Approaching Nirvana and is called "Sugar High." Go check them out and throw them a sub; they deserve it! I claim no ownership of the song and I appreciate the opportunities they give to content creators to feature their work. You all are awesome!


Made by, Nixxiom
A WoW Machinima
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