Drunken PvP -Ventrilo 17- by Sefearion
Class: Multiple | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Arathor ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
The 17th episode of the Drunken PvP series is here at last!

Audio quality will vary between players since these were ripped directly from Ventrilo/Skype so don't expect crisp and clear voices.

Cheers to everyone who took part in PvP thus far! Our numbers are now pretty steady these days and we are also Live-streaming our PvP every Friday (Link below to the Twitch Channels). All the audio is brand new so you may hear some familiar voices :)
We know how to use the Oqueue Addon however it's very unreliable to queue up the entire party and we often end up in different battlegrounds. As you can imagine this is affecting our ability to PvP and we spend more time queuing up than doing actual PvP -_-'

No fancy editing here, just the basic of the basics. With WoW Model Viewer being glitchy as hell and Map Viewer no longer working it was borderline impossible to do any advanced editing. Please refrain from spamming or flaming, enjoy the video.

There's bound to be a few spelling errors and missing words within the subtitles, I detest doing them because it's beyond tedious. A few words may differ due to the slang we use, enjoy!

-Commonly Asked Questions-

1) What server do you play on?

- We play on Arathor (EU) server on Alliance. However with Cross-Realm grouping our players are everywhere both Horde and Alliance. (Right now we are Horde).

2) Can I join your Vent?

-Short answer is no! I get way too many requests for this and we simply do not have space nor do we wish to risk giving the vent info out so easily. The vent server is not mine so I personally do not have permission to grant access.

3) How do I join you guys?

-This is tough to answer as we only tend to add newcomers when other friends recommend them.

4) How do you get the voices from Ventrilo/Skype?

-Vent has a built in recording tool which can also be used to extract the conversations as a wav. file. I use Evaer to record the Skype conversations.

5) Are you going to more of these videos?

- Yes. As long as people continue to view, Like, Comment, Subscribed Share this video and my channel etc, then I'll continue to edit these videos :)


P.S: For anyone who wants to partner up with a network and be rewarded for the content you upload I would recommend signing up with "Union For Gamers". They offer great support and give a great deal of freedom for your editing unlike other partnership programs. (Link below!)

- (My Twitter) https://twitter.com/Sefearion
- (My Twitch account): http://www.twitch.tv/sefearionpvp
- (Drunken PvP Livesteam): http://www.twitch.tv/hdawg187
- (Union For Gamers Referal): http://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?referral=9z7qjw4it8z5e9
- (Patreon): http://www.patreon.com/sefearion
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