A Tribute to WoW Memorials - Part VII by Avendesora
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Movie Summary
This is part seven in my in-game memorials series.

My sincere thanks to everyone who visited Kanai Griffith and Skoller with me. (Especially to my guildies from DogsOfWar, who all wore moose antlers in Skoller's honor.) Thank you to Austin Duink's friends and guildies for letting me Fraps them hanging out with his NPC, and especially to Fallenxx for coordinating the event.

And thanks are due to Happyhelper, who was such a happy helper by letting me Fraps things from his computer for better graphics.

Memorials covered:

Kanai Griffith / Kevin Kanai Griffith
Austin Duink
Skoller / Scott Koller

Music by Ludovico Einaudi:

I Giorni


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