A Tribute to WoW Memorials - Part I by Avendesora
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This is a remake of the original Part I in this series. There were some things I wanted to change about the old one (my first real endeavor in video-making), plus the character models have changed since then as well as the scenery of South Shore. The memorials covered are still the same, but there's some new scenes as well, such as Crusader Bridenbrad's quest line, and my Night Elf rogue came in handy for Captain Armando Ossex's section. (This time, he didn't try to kill me if I got too close!)


WoW, as we all know, is full of distractions, which can make it easy to miss or pay little attention to certain features of the landscape: an intriguingly-dressed Night Elf hunter in Shattrath City, a woebegone Tauren in Bloodhoof Village, a dying warrior in the frozen heights of Icecrown, and more...

I created this video as a humble tribute to the gamers behind some of these memorials and also to serve as a guide for where to find these sites. As I researched these individuals, I was inspired by their stories and by how many lives they have touched.

Music: "Pavane pour une infante défunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess)" by Maurice Ravel.


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