Kinzin 5 - Burning with Revenge (Cancelled Project) by Kinzin
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Hey WCM!

2 Years ago I started on my next PvP project called "Kinzin 5 Burning with Revenge". It was mid-to-late Mop. The theme for this move was to show you the beginning of Kinzin and hes fight against an EVIL rival that would end in an epic "bossfight" MGS style. But after a while of frapsing and editing I got bored of the game and eventually took a break. I was still planing to finish the movie, but the time went by so fast and i never manage to do it befour Drainor was out. I was missing so meny KEY-scenes that i wouldent be able to finish it like I was planing to do. So then i gave up the whole project.

Some weeks ago i was digging through some old files on my PC and then I stumbled apond this file.

I really wanted to finish it, but like I said I could not. But I'm going to show you guys what I made and maybe I'll put some of the PvP fights on my Youtube channel

So hope you like it, and cry with me >.<

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