Revanent V by Revanent
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Greetings all.

Welcome to Revanent V: Dangerous Days.

This film idea was somthing that originally started last December on Feenix Warsong, but (very) shortly after starting there, i learned of Nostalrius starting in the February. Its trailers and development videos looked of such quality and with manditory 1x XP rate and no option to buy gear, i decided to stop on Feenix and wait it out.

--What to expect--

- 1980s inspired private server gameplay. Nostalrius is a progressive realm, and is at 1.7 (ZG) the time this was made, but with 1.12 talents.
- lvl 60 UD rogue gameplay
- 100% world pvp
- full blue gear :D
- engineering usage
- CD abuse, but no potion abuse. Im not against it at all, i just couldnt afford it. Feel free to mail me vast quantities of gold on Nost...
- Weapons with no enchants...
- Fraps died so recorded the majority with Nvidia Shadowplay. Very cool, but it does mean a cursor is on screen now and again :(
- original combo point mechanics. Means if i change targets, it'll drop all combo points...
- pumping synthwave soundtrack!

I do hope you all enjoy the film, i put it to a 1980s feel to soften any "omg he thinks he's such a hardass" feel, and to illustrate the fact that its just to entertain, very much an overview of my experience on Nost. Lasty id like to extend a thanks to those on WCM who inspire me. You know who you are.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch. Enjoy.

RIP Nostalrius. You will not be forgotten.

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