Oh Snowballs! The Aligning Azeroth & Odyssey Winter Veil Special (Part 1 of 2) by Lawrenicum Productions
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Winter Veil has come to Azeroth! People celebrating, lights are being hung, the streets of Stormwind are bustling with citizens carrying presents, but despite all of this, there's one thing missing: Greatfather Winter! It's up to Frank and pals, along with a few new friends to save Winter Veil once and for all!


A WoW Machinima Holiday Special by Lawrencium


Featuring the voice talents of M.Y. Abdul-Haleem, Ryan Woodman, James Chalmers, Callyn Dorval, Bryan Cann, and Pete Hartnell!


There are a few people to thank for making this special possible.

First, I would like to thank Ludo (M.Y. Abdul-Haleem) for co-writing this with me. When we began the concept back in late August, I knew that this video would be one of the best.

Second, I would like to thank my good friend, Spencer, for helping me build the rig that rendered every frame, every bit, of this video.

Next, I want to thank Nixxiom for his tutorials on Machinima making. When I began a while ago, I was but a small individual looking to start branching out. You continue to inspire me everyday, and in return, I inspire you. Thank you so much.

Ryan Woodman, for co-writing, voicing, and looking over my scripts for Aligning Azeroth. Without him, this would never have existed.

Finally, I want to thank my mother. Even though you are not here with me right now, the thought that you are here for me always is what keeps me going. Love you, and I miss you.

More special thanks are in the credits!


This video was made in association with Hate-Me Gaming. Take a look!


Thank you for watching, friend!

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