Archmage Xylem KILLED - Closing the Eye [THE MOVIE] by Suloxo Entertainment
Class: Demon Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Blackmoore ( Glutsturm )
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My first kill of Archmage Xylem with my Demon Hunter. After 4 Years finally a new Video from my "The Movie" Series. To be honestly, im playing wow since TBC with a few breaks between, but this fight....was the hardest thing i've ever done solo. At the begin i wiped a hour long in his Frost Phase because this frost voidzone is bugged and you get damage from it sometimes also when you are already outside, and those are 1Million Hits, you get most of the time 2 of them, if your extremely unlucky 3 which means your dead. But i found a way to get around that with self CDs and full leech build, means less single target DPS but really crazy self heal as you can see in the video. I also wiped many times in the Mirror Phase not only in the begin, the slow and damage is just really crazy if your Fel Rush is not enough/not ready to reach Xylem. You also have to be very very fast. The Fight is hard but its not impossible, you should have at least 900GS and 40 Traits for it. After 5 Hours i killed him yesterday 04.04.2017
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