Havoc DH Solo: Archimonde Mythic by Heroicsolo
Class: Demon Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ashenvale ( Flurry )
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So, guys and girls... this kill was very hard, maybe it was even harder than any my previous mythic+ content :D

My item level here: 914
Number of attempts: 17

Mionee had killed this boss in the vengeance spec, so I managed to kill him in dps specc ("Havoc").

My demon hunter didn't have any equipment with leech (I had 0% of leech on this video), so I had to figure out some special way to survive the whole fight.

My idea was to use "demonic build" with Sinidaria and tanking neck - it was essentially needed to overheal that damage without leech on my equipment.

The hardest part of this fight was the perfect positioning and cds management on the last phase:
1) I used the dps trinket from Gul'dan to stay between the damned dark spheres and not fly away from the platform (that trinket fixates your position for 3 seconds)

2) I used the AoE trinket from the moon sisters to exterminate the mobs on the 1st and 2nd phases, and to destroy infernals ASAP on the last phase; Also, this trinket has helped me to kill the last Source of the Chaos in time.

3) I also used the Fel Eruption talent to kill the big mob on the 1st and 2nd phases ASAP, and to handle the Sources of the Chaos on the last phase (without this talent you cannot to kill it in time)

4) Another essential talents:
- Felblade
- Soul Rending
- Master of the Glaive (to kill 2 spheres in row on the last phase)
- Demonic (very important stuff here - it's needed to survive anything)

1) Vedrim - Ionia Reborn
2) Vedrim - Full Circle
3) Vedrim - Giddy Up
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