The Evolution of World of Warcraft Episode 2: The Burning Crusade by MadSeasonShow
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Movie Summary
Part 2 of my "Evolution of WoW" series.

Swifty Incredible Warrior Tricks 2:
Unbreakable Shaman PvP:

Music from 28:07-33:49 courtesy of Stuart Chatwood

Buy the Darkest Dungeon Official Soundtrack here -

Azeroth's Last Hope:
The Sindorei:
BC Login:
Dwarf Tavern:
Human Tavern:
Legion Login:
Seasons of War:
Song of Elune:
Last Stand of the Blood Elves:
Defenders of Azeroth:
Black Temple Illidari:
Legends of Azeroth:
Draenor Login:
Darkest Dungeon Hamlet by Stuart Chatwood:
Escape from Durnholde:
PoE Lioneye's Watch:
Sindorei & City of Silvermoon from WorldOfWarcraftMusic BC tribute:
Dark Portal:
Zul'Aman Battle Music:
Magister's Terrace:
Magister's Terrace Harp Part:
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