My World PvP story in Korean server by Cheonsul
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : Asia - Zul'jin
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To explain what is Substituted Duel to the Character Deletion, first you need to know Korean game cultures. There is an old traditional duel way in Korean game society. People argue up with something and sometimes they don't(can't) finish up by just talking. So they need conclusions and that is quite like real life duel to the death. First, they duel up, and whoever loses must delete their own character. It's just as same as Mak'gora in Warcraft Orc history. If anybody who had lost and didn't delete character results huge amount of dishonor. People would track you to the end of the world and find out that dishonorable guy's alts' alts' alts' whatsoever.

To recover guild's honor, Ssaske had to do Duel to the Character Deletion to revive Combat Stance once again (A one bad situations happened to Combat Stance guild and It resulted really really bad reputations) But Ssaske also knew that he was not really good at dueling. He didn't have much expectations to win the opponent( Warrior vs Rogue Ssaske was Rogue) So he secretly finded out Rogue masters to substitute Duel to the Character Deletion. Few days passed and one Rogue master did accepted the substitution.

The duel went victory to the Ssaske character and the opponent Warrior was defeated. The Warrior deleted his own character.

2 months had passed and the Rogue who accepted Substitution exposed the truth. "The Ssaske guy when he and the Warrior did Duel to the Character Deletion, he wasn't actually Ssaske. It was ME!!"

So the Combat Stance guild became trash of trash. Soon the Combat Stance became Super Super Dishonorable World PvP guild.

This was happened in November 2013
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