World of Warcraft's Secret & Summoned Bosses by MadSeasonShow
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World of Warcraft has no shortage of secrets. Hidden behind secret passages or locked behind long quest chains, you can find many bosses that are hidden away from the naked eye. In this video, I uncover many of these secret or summoned bosses.

Kosumoth guide:
Endgineer Omegaplugg guide:
Nightbane guide:
Anzu video by Kilrtok:
Dreadsteed guide by pbtorre:
Paladin/Warlock mount quest chain:
Dungeon set 2 quest chain:

Hamlet Music courtesy of Stuart Chatwood
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'WetGrass Inspired' [Tristram] by AmIEviL:
Cataclysm Defenders of Azeroth:
Song of Elune:
Donkey Kong Country 2 Epic Orchestral Medley by RebeccaETripp:
Dwarf Tavern Music:
Human Tavern Music:
Diablo 3 New Tristram:
Grizzly Hills:
Burning Crusade Music Tribute by WorldOfWarcraftMusic:
Last Stand of the Blood Elves:
'The Darkness and the Light' [Ending] by McVaffe:
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