The History of World of Warcraft 1999-2018 by MadSeasonShow
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Movie Summary
Going over the history of World of Warcraft from its beginnings in 1999, all the way to the Battle For Azeroth expansion in 2018.

Game Timeline wowpedia article: Google "WoW gamepedia timeline" (Youtube breaks the link to this for some reason)
Computer Gaming World Magazine #208:
Subscriber chart:

Videos used in this video:

World of Warcraft Gameplay Trailer 2005:
Everquest trailer from August 1998:
EverQuest Original 1999 Launch Video:
PC Longplay [481] Warcraft: Orcs & Humans by World of Longplays:
Warcarft 2 gameplay by Cire2047:
Diablo 2 gameplay by FirstPlays HD:
World of Warcraft ECTS 2001 Cinematic Trailer:
First WoW gameplay ECTS 2001:
Indalamar Nurfed Warrior WoW Beta 2004 by DerTroll:
Hyppe Stress test Wow beta US 2004-09-07 by Svante G:
World of Warcraft Closed Beta 2004 by Potato League All Star:
WoW gameplay trailer 2004:
Throwback to Vanilla: Crowded Ironforge by Wowmusicable Warcraft Music:
World of Warcraft - Arathi Basin Trailer by GamerSpawn:
Leeroy Jenkins by J Jonah Jameson:
Onyxia Wipe Animation by Alachas1985:
Burning crusade announcement trailer:
Old WoW commercials:
Age of conan combat tutorial:
Age of Conan fatality montage by morgenmuffl:
Age of Conan cinematic:
Warhammer Online cinematic:
Warhammer gameplay by Abomination421:

Some music from
'WetGrass Inspired' by AmIEviL:
Seasons of War(Vanilla Cinematic Music):
Cataclysm Defenders of Azeroth:
Elwynn Forest Music:
Shaping of the World:
'The Darkness and the Light' by McVaffe:
WoW Login Music:
PoE Lioneye's Watch:
'Gift from Moscow' by McVaffe: from
WoW Soundtrack War:
WoW BC Soundtrack Silvermoon City:
Invincible Theme:
Dwarf Tavern Music:
Last Stand of the Blood Elves:
Warlords of Draenor Login Music:
Legion Anduin's Theme:
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