Retribution PvP WoW Classic by Kivrus
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Gordunni ( Flurry )
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Movie Summary
My first pvp video in WoW Classic. Mostly World PvP and some BG clips. Almost all filmed in 1 week. I do not pretend to be a skill player, etc. I put those clips because they seemed interesting and funny to me. There will be errors in the video on my part, and on the part of opponents, etc.

Hope you enjoy.

Specs: 11-9-31, 31-0-20, 0-25-26
Equip: 5 t2, neck from Ony, mail belt from Nef, cloak from Ragna, weapon is Herald of Woe
Server: Flamegor
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