skittlz by fr0st dr1p
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary ait ***** im like... reocrind this video on my rogue righgt… and I had at this ome place of the beta that 100$-0- warrior ***** win..and this time I twas a warlock..and i lost..i had put these two good instrumental songs in that randomly to see what the Lord would do wit it..and let itbe.. and that mess turnt out to be a dista=ster wit I had missed this kick..and it wa slike….it fit the song in a negative PERFECLTy.. im like now this time around..i had picked the same. artists..and used different songs wit the words...instead of instrumetanl to see wat the lords would do wit it if I randomly fit it into the clip..and this ***** God...the the holy ghost..turns a negitvie to a really good mess.

2..*4 the girls**
ait so ni1gga lke.;.wat had happen was...wit this kick that missed..this mess made it like...I lost and negetiveta bout like.. a negetivaty..and aint make no sense why it fit the song that way when the instremtnals be they mess God gone make this kick I missed tha tnegietive it..aint that mucha bout the kick..
.. so thje second time around.. I was liikke..witout evn realizn… the sam e artist kinda thing...I put the songs in based on the words not the insturmentsal this time..wit a positive attitude go's and like...unkoklege mess to remain beautiful like we had to redeem like..i randomly.. put the l.ike main beautiful drop fo the song in that mess..and it got its negetives..but I bust out eternal mes instead of like a loss..and God made that mess fit later in the it def aint about missin this kick..
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