Rage of Angels - Albis - Final video by Albis
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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If nothing else this is a pvp video. These arn't duels, these arn't scripted and this isn't fighting over flag points. Every night I set out to kill people. regaurdless or rank/gear/rep I attacked. I sheeped people off their mounts, i attacked as they rode by, nothing about this is fair. I myself got cheapshoted and sheeped off my mount, I too got jumped. This is what I think pvp should be. brutal, quick, without preperation or warning, violent.

This is my last pvp video on Albis. I should of stoped after my last movie. I have been every spec and been undergeared up to now.

I wanted to make 1 last vid. But how to make it original yet the same as my other ones. Videos are supose to entertain but wow is so old, everythings been seen. So I waited. After my previous vid i joined a pve guild. I got gear, almost full purple, robes from naxx even. This was when i started making this UI. something different, functional and pleasing to look at. it took me a month on and off to actually run out of ideas on improving it.

But i wasn't the same mage as before. I had gear, i had no excuse for losing, for dieing. I actually bought health pots for once. seriuz business:). I changed my model because of this. I wasn't in knight liet robes anymore. and mainly i wanted to make wow fun again. model changing/new UI/new spec made the game fun for me again.

All of my opponents have gear, but that hardly means anything in wow. Yet if your a member of the Darkspear Realm you'll recognize these people. I hunted down the best, the sort of players you can't 1v2 against, and they hunted me down.

This isn't the most skilled pvp you'll see, this isn't the most professional editing either. But it's a nice blend of the two, and most importantly its a step up from my last videos in all areas, or so i'd like to think.

I can't send you my UI. i made it in photoshop and added it into wow using discord art. because of resolution and game/discord settings i can't just .zip it up and send it. I've tried:(

i'm not quiting wow, just retiring albis from pvp and videos

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