The Plush Murloc Goes to E3 - by The Godfather
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So how did this all start?

I was invited to E3 by and I figured if I am going to go to the coolest gaming convention in the world, I better film... but then I realized I had NO idea what to film...

So I checked my old movies that I used to take. There was one where I would go around with a monkey and have people impersonate it on the streets of NY. This was quite amusing and I wanted to find a way to do something like that at E3, but I didn't think a monkey would appeal to my Warcraft fan base... so I thought and thought, but couldn't figure it out. I was talking with Ferret online when he says, "Hey do your monkey videos but with a plush murloc!"

I immediately knew what had to be done.
I went to Bamatick's website, since he had already made a plush murloc, and got the plans.
I then went to my Grandma's who is a seamstress and immediately began work(mind you my flight was the next day) We decided to go a different route than Bamatick did with his murlocs. We made ours 4 times the size and a PUPPET!

We worked 20 hours without break and finally came up with our murloc! (My Grandma is still a little lost as to what the hell we just made :P) I got on the plane and headed to E3.

And the rest you can see in the movie, as well as some of "the making of".

Hope you enjoy.

I have included in this file a ZIP with all the EXCLUSIVE pictures of the booth babes with the murloc and random shots as well for your pleasure/archives.. The only catch is, I passworded it, and the password can only be found by watching the video. (Don't worry it is easy!).
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