Ironforge Boss Kill - Vashj EU Server - FRAPS by Drifting by Drifting
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Vashj ( Rampage )
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Well on the 30th sept, bg's were down, so after the alliance had an unsuccessful raid on orgrimmar entrance, i decided to start putting some groups together for a counter-raid

The initial plan wasnt going to be to kill the leader if we didnt have enough, just more of a fun raid on the gates of Ironforge/Dun Morogh, fortunatly though we ended up with a full 2 raids of people that had brains, and even a third shortly after, so it was 3 raidgroups, when the first raiddgroup was full, others were redirected to the second raid from selected guilds

Its been well over one year and still no Vashj Ironforge bosskill, hopefully we could have some luck tonight... this raid wasnt thrown together, groups were selected from various Vashj guilds

all met at the gates of Ironforge, moved in, and just kept going and going to boss.. :)

Appologies for the messy UI, I have had to reload Bib bars insane amounts of times, and also have 2 installations of WoW, one for PvP, the other for PvE, unfortunatly I had the PvE installation loaded, hence the replica buttons and messyness - I actually made another version without the buttons, to make it look somewhat neeter, but I find showing the UI makes for a better movie since you have a better idea of whats going on

Don't expect anything outstanding out of this video, but hopefully to some players (particulatly those on Vashj EU server) it should be something worth watching.

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