The Art of Grinding by k4li
Class: Mage | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Kult der Verdammten ( Raserei )
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Movie Summary
Hey folks,
this is my first movie

Content :

Educational grind guide

i know there are fantastic
'100-mobs-at-once-farm-vids' (faxmonkey etc)
but this is to teach how to and not to show off with epic gear. follwing this guide u will level with lightspeed (1-60 in about 5 days + more than 1000g + one faction exhalted)

it was recorded in wow version 1.10 (talent spec adapted to 1.11)
just found the dvds with the grind material and finally got time and motivation to convert it into a movie

Some people want to know why i didnt use the Ice Barrier. I'll try to explain it:
In days of 1.10 the Ice Barrier wasnt very strong (much lower dmg absorb) and the cooldown was longer.Now u have the choice of saving a bit mana/health while pulling or being able to prevent spell interruption while channeling.I always saved it as an emergency shield in case cold snap was on cd and one or more mobs resisted, and believe me, they resisted a lot cos Elemental Precision didnt exist.
dont complain about repeating pull scenes , it's on purpose for the learning effect.(if ur still having problems download the movie 'in frost we trust',great movie and even more educative)

if u wonder why the char seems to be stuck sometimes.. always got a badass ping =/ wlan ftl

i recommend to download the file cos quality sux a bit and it doesnt get better @ stream ^^

and for ur own sake use vlc or nero show time - by far the best players

hope u enjoy it
(pls dont forget to rate =)

my new movie :

maybe u like it

ps: i dont play my mage any more. if u need further infos contact 'Gouten' or 'Shijima' (orc + ud warrior) on the Server : Kult der Verdammten (ger rppvp)

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