TBC Mage Arena Video (Fire/Frost/Arcane) by Gidgey
Class: Mage | Category: Other | Server : US - Mal'Ganis ( Stormstrike )
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First off, this is the first video I've ever made. I didn't spend much time on it. I downloaded the Adobe Premiere 30 day trial and have 29 days left ;P (awesome program btw). This isn't necessarily a PvP video; it is all Arena Skirmish footage, but I don't wish to be rated on my 'skill' as I'm only attempting to show what the new talents are like (41 point talents specifically).

I spent 2 days as fire while frapsing (forgot to buy rank 8 fire blast at 61), then just jumped into frost for about 4 hours and arcane for about 2 hours, so I may get progressively worse throughout the video. Nevertheless, you're supposed to be looking at the stars of the video: Dragon's Breath, Water Elemental, and Slow.

Oh.. and I jump around a lot, I know!.
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