The HarroWing: Cross Dominated by Rokannis
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stormreaver ( Rampage )
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HarroW was formed out of NMI as to renew itself because of an inactive guild leader and other problems. If you have seen my other films, this was the guild I used to be in. As a new guild, with a new leader, and a new start, we decided to cause some trouble, old school style; outside the battlegrounds. This enemy guild who call themselves, "The Cabal" are forum warriors who claim not just server domination, but cross server domination. Because supposovly in every MMO they have played they have "dominated it for over 9 years". The irony? They get rolled going to Molten Core when they have more numbers and guards. According to them they are the greatest pvpers ever...even though they are going to Molten Core..well you'll see

For those commenting on the dual weild, I use 2hand just to get big hits nice and fast for bigger rage generation. No timer on my 4.0 2hand :) Takes a few to buildup rage on DW, even though overtime its better. I'm finishing the Xyshina movie :) is the link to see the drama excuses they gave us after this movie..
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