How to Farm SM as a Mage by Draneor
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Deathwing ( Bloodlust )
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Hello everyone!

This is me (Level 56Mage) farming the Graveyard, Library and the Cathedral parts of the Scarlet Monastery. (Cant handle the Armory.) : - P

(This movie was recorded on a P3, 730 Mhz Computer)

I did a few errors in the end like writing "Programs Used" Twice in the ending credits. And also the music ending instantly instead of fading out. Those are so small errors and I dont want to sit and wait 2 more hours to compile a new one so here it is!

Hope you enjoy the movie! : - )

Question: How much do you earn per hour?
Answer: If I concentrate on only the cathedral I get around 15-20g/hour (It depends on the items you get if they are auctionable or not.)

If I farm only the graveyard it really varies there too. One run can give 1-3G, its all about luck.

The Library I guess around hmm, about 5-10g i guess but I prefer cathedral and it's also the easiest one to do. I've runned it since I was level 54 and only got caught 3 times out of hrm... 25-30 times? So I recommend Cathedral and maybe the Graveyard when you get bored. : - P

Another EDIT: Cathedral, Library and the Graveyard has all been nerfed. And all of the info that I wrote is not correct anymore. Still you might earn some money quick but not in huge amounts.
Also feel free to look at my "spoof" I made for this movie, which is called "Mage Meleeing SM Bosses".
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