Shaman Dual Wield Demo PTR 2.0 (Troll Male Shaman 60) by Edbad
Class: Shaman | Category: Other | Server : US - Frostmane ( Reckoning )
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Decided to copy over my shaman and test Dual Wielding on the WoW 2.0 PTR (PvE realm).

Shaman are offensive/healing/buffing "HYBRIDS" so don't expect rogue/fury warrior-like melee damage :p

Put together 10minutes of footage from grinding elites in Tyrs Hand (encoding done during raid downtime hehe).

Nothing special, just displaying the potential of sustained DPS (along with the Unleashed Rage group buff +10% AP being up 90+% of the time) of DW spec utilizing decent Pre-BC weapons (WTB better mainhand :P). The spec is VERY weapon/gear dependent, but scales very nicely :).

Mainhand: Claw of the Black Drake (Crusader)
Offhand: Blessed Qiraji War Axe (15agi)
*i wish i had better :p hoping for weapons to drop like candy in naxx ^_^

Dual Windfury weapon Enchant

+11 to hit

60 Male Troll Shaman 10/41/0

Apocalyptica - Path
Papa Roach - Blood Brothers
Rage Against The Machine - Guerilla Radio

note: since switching to a new pc (dual core + sli), I've been having issues recording with sound and syncing issues (meaning fps is a little off :().

edit: Seems Windfury doesnt proc off of stormstrike in current PTR, I hope blizz fixes that.
*** Latest Beta Patch SS AGAIN procs WF :) ***

edit: Seems flurry is bugged (PTR2.0.1), so if both weapons are the same speed, 1 charge of flurry is consumed if both weapons are swung at the same time lol.

edit: Normally I'm specced 0/13/38 or 0/5/46 or 8/0/43 :) Resto ftw!

Edbad - Kinetic Guild
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